9 Reasons Why Everyone Should Do The Open!

With just over 3 weeks left to register for the Open, the coaching staff at CFT have each compiled our top 3 reasons why everyone should take part.

Coach Frankie says…

frank silly

“1. In the past, people have been scared to do the Open but once they started it, realised that they could achieve things they previously thought impossible such as double unders, pull ups and new 1RM’s. The atmosphere created by the Open is what brings that out in everyone.

2. The Open is the biggest and best experience that CrossFit has to offer. As a community training program, it’s the one event that pulls all the CrossFit athletes all over the world together for 5 weeks. And when everyone at your box is talking about it non stop for 5 weeks, why wouldn’t you want to be a part of it?!

3. You should do it purely to test yourself. CrossFit is about improving your fitness to the peak of your potential and there is no better stage to test it on. Whether you take it seriously or not, it’s great to be able to see how you compare with other athletes from boxes in your city, region or all over the world, and in my experience makes your training easier moving forwards because you have a better idea of what you need to work on.”

Coach Sammy gets straight to the point…

sam silly


“1. Doing the Open gives you a reason to amp up your efforts in class.

2. Doing the Open motivates you to learn new skills.

3. You can use your ranking each year as a reflection on your improvement if you continue to put in the hard work.”

And Coach Dave says…

dave silly


“1. The Open is a massive opportunity to meet other members you may not train with regularly during the week and to build an even stronger bond between our community. This is not just for the firebreathers, everyone can take part and remember that this year there’s a scaled option.

2. Taking part in the Open is a firm statement that you are committed to improving as a CrossFit athlete and that you accept and embrace the support of every other CrossFit athlete all over the world.

3. And finally, its just soooo much fun! Seriously theres nothing better than waiting with baited breath to hear the announcement of the workout being made before smashing it out with everyone from the box on a Friday evening and then sinking a few cold ones to celebrate your hard work!”

SIGN UP FOR THE OPEN AT games.crossfit.com.