Virtutis Gloria Merces


We recently released our “Team Turmoil” line of apparel with the tag line, “Virtutis Gloria Merces”. A lot of people have asked what this means and why its on our “Team Turmoil” line in particular. So here you go!

The latin phrase “Virtutis Gloria Merces” is translated as “Glory is the Reward of Valour.” This is the motto of my clan, the Robertson family.

Did I put this here to pay homage to my roots?

Not in particular.

Is this a tribute to my family heritage?

For many reasons, no it’s not.

Is it just a cool sounding latin phrase that makes us look and sound super bad ass cos thats just the shit that we do as CrossFitters?!!!

Definitely not, I hate that crap!!!

To me, this phrase has always guided the decisions I’ve made. I’ve taken some pretty brave, some might say, risky decisions in my life, but they always result in something wonderful. Moving to Australia; starting a business just as we expect our first child; quitting a stable teaching job to pursue my passion. These were all decisions taken in the pursuit of glory.

I want my athletes, both competitive and recreational, to revel in this phrase too. Use it as a mantra for your training and your life. Nothing good comes from always doing the same thing. Nothing amazing blossoms from being scared to take a risk.

Team Turmoil should comprise of those who want to make a difference. To make a difference requires valour. To be the best, you need to be brave. To achieve glory, make the decision to stop being afraid and start doing everything you can to reach your ultimate goal.

Virtutis Gloria Merces.