WOD 12/10/14: “Rich!”


Today’s WOD is dedicated to our very own Clark Kent, Rich! This machine walked into the box already an accomplished endurance athlete, but over the last few months he’s added strength, power and skill to his repertoire! It seems that this proud Kiwi is charged on a diet of “V” energy drinks and Nobbys Nuts, but it hasn’t slowed him down one bit! A competitive animal, Rich impressed everyone in the box by taking part in the in house comp only a few weeks after joining. I’m also officially renaming him “Prime” after his superb effort in dressing up as Optimus Prime and completing a whole workout as a Transformer on Super Hero Day! Enjoy mate!

Part A:
Back Squats
5 x 10 @ 60% of 90% 1RM

Part B:
5 x 3

Part C:
For Time, complete:
900m Run
60 x HR Push Ups
30 x Deadlift 60/40