WOD 22/9/14: “Vito!”


Vito during the Paleo Challenge!

This weeks members WOD is dedicated to Vito, our resident Italian stallion and the joint winner of the 28 Day Paleo Challenge! Vito is one of the hardest working members I’ve ever seen and is now reaping the rewards by being able to Rx many WODs during the week. He initially started training with us to improve his running, but in true CFT fashion, his running is now taking a back seat to his CrossFit!!! His Italian flair is always cause for a lot of fun at the box and every WOD is “fantasteeec” to Vito!!! We were all curious to see how Vito would survive without pasta during the Paleo Challenge but he came through with flying colours (even though he made it clear that pasta would very much be coming back into his diet at the end of the 28 days)!!! This legend is one of the friendliest members at the box and is the first to smile and introduce himself to a newbie during an evening class. A huge favourite of CFT, we hope you enjoy your WOD mate!

Part A:
Back Squats
25 mins to find a 1RM

Part B:
8 min AMRAP of:
6 x Power Cleans 50/30
9 x Box Jumps 24/20
12 x Sit Ups