WOD 24/11/14: “Jen & Peta – Winners WOD!”


This WOD is dedicated to our female champions from Pairdown 2014, Jen & Peta! These girls absolutely killed the event on Saturday, winning all but one of the 5 events and placing 2nd in the event they didn’t win. A truly dominant performance from two CFT favourites and a massive representation of how hard these two have worked with both having less than a year of CrossFit under their belts! Jen even managed to back up the victory by competing the very next day and placing 3rd at the CrossFit Balaclava Open! Congratulations ladies, great work!

Part A:
Bench Press
3 x 5, ascending

Part B:
Double DB/KB Bent Over Rows
3 x 8-12

Part C:
“Jen & Peta – Winners WOD!”
15 min AMRAP in pairs of:
5 x KB Swings each 24/16
7 x Burpees each
9 x Sit Ups each