5 Reasons Why You Need To Do Peak Gymnastics Workshop!



We are crazy excited to be welcoming Martin Kurz and his team from Peak Gymnastics to the box on Saturday 11th July to host a “Gymnastics For CrossFit” workshop. Here is a list of the top 5 reasons as to why you NEED to do this workshop!!!

1. Work with elite level gymnasts – Martin is an ex international gymnast, Head Gymnastics Coach at Schwartz’s CrossFit Melbourne (multiple CrossFit Games competing team) and a part of the CrossFit HQ Gymnastics Seminar staff! If anyone can provide you with the tools to break through a problem movement, he can!

2. Gain confidence on intimidating movements – the team will take you from the very beginning with basic progressions of movements that you might not normally feel comfortable attempting in class.

3. Pull Ups – if your stuck on bands and can’t seem to get rid of them, the 3 hours you spend here will get you much closer to that unassisted pull up you’ve wanted for so long!

4. Muscle Ups – you’ve been wanting these for ages, right? Might have them, but they’re not super consistent? Learn how to nail these, link them and add them to your war chest!

5. Gymnastics is a huge part of CrossFit – yeah so weightlifting is cool, but gymnastics is just as bad ass! If Deadlifts feel easy, but your Diane time sucks because of your Handstand Push Ups, then you need to fill the gap and find the missing link to a better WOD time. Gymnastics is the key to unlocking your potential as a CrossFitter!

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