Chaos In Coburg – In-House Beginner / Intermediate Competition


We’ve decided to focus on delivering what we do best at CFT….firstly, deliver quality coaching and secondly, deliver the opportunity for all our athletes to experience a competition in a friendly and supportive environment!

After the success of Carnage In ┬áCoburg I & II, Pairdown & The Mixer, we thought it would be a great idea to remove the “firebreathers” from the equation and put together a beginner & intermediate competition for our members. So, here’s the deets:


Provisionally, we’re looking at Saturday October 24th.


4 Divisions: Male Beginner; Female Beginner; Male Intermediate; Female Intermediate
3 Workouts & Final in each division!

Who Can Enter?

If you regularly complete the “competition” workouts in class, then this isn’t for you! All other members are invited to compete! If you are unsure about your eligibility, just ask!


Standards will be released soon, but to get a good idea of which division to enter, use the following guidelines:
Beginner – regularly completing “fitness” workouts in class.
Intermediate – regularly completing “performance” workouts in class.

Get ready for Chaos In Coburg!!!