Top 4 Ways To Succeed In A CrossFit Box!

With the month of February being a common time for people to first begin their CrossFit journey, while others start to make goals for the year ahead after having completed their first year training using our methods, I thought now would be a perfect opportunity to write about how to best set yourself up for success as a member of a CrossFit box. So without further ado, here’s our top 4 ways to succeed in a CrossFit box:


vito giac


ABOVE: The Italian Stallions, Vito & Giac!!!

Just yesterday I was chatting to one of our most popular members, Vito, as he is about to embark on our second 8 Week Transformation Challenge. He explained to me that when he started out at CFT back in May, he was nervous and still not fully convinced about CrossFit. However, he had made the conscious decision that he was going to commit to CrossFit for a minimum of 3 months in order to fully understand it and really establish whether it was for him. Needless to say, he’s never looked back! However sceptical you might be, however hard you think its going to be, remember that you must make a firm commitment to allow yourself to learn and grow for at least a couple of months in order to really start reaping the benefits of CrossFit.


jenna transformation


ABOVE: CFT Athlete of the Year 2014, Jenna Lenich and her amazing transformation!

Following on nicely from our first point, remember this – Rome wasn’t built in a day! We ain’t teaching bodypump or zumba here, we’re teaching highly complex, highly technical, highly skilled movements that take years to perfect and months to really begin to have a decent understanding of. Why do we ask you to commit for a few months? Because thats how long it takes to learn just the basics!!! If you are pathologically impatient then CrossFit is probably not for you! However, if you respect the process, scale back when necessary and be patient with your progress, the results will be astounding. Just take a look at the amazing transformation of our athlete of the year, Jenna, who lost 14kg in 12 months and is now developing into one of the top female athletes in the region!




ABOVE: Lui showing the determination required to succeed in CrossFit!

Failure is OK. CrossFit is hard and by its very nature can become frustrating when significant progress may slow down or seemingly stop altogether. This isn’t a negative or a time to give up – that’s an easy way out and not a solution. This should actually be viewed as a positive – you’ve adapted so fast that you’ve actually become quite adept in the skills we teach! Now is the time to re-evaluate your training and recovery – some strategies might include looking into some extra programming, utilising open gym times to work on skill development or hitting up a chiropractor to help you recover faster in between sessions. Because lets face it, the alternative is trying to Snatch your way through a Body Pump class, right?!!!


pantz em


ABOVE: Left, CFT Member of the Year 2014, Emily Bassett and right, Amanda “Pantz” Crouch!

One of the many polarising things about CrossFit is the community each box develops. We think its a group of like-minded mates similar to what you’d find in any traditional sports clubs, people from outside CrossFit label it a “cult”!!! Ok, put away your pitch forks and lets clear this up! At CFT, we encourage balance – yes we want you to commit to the training, but how much you commit to the community is totally up to you. You aren’t forced to be best mates with everyone else at the box, but you’ll sure as hell be welcomed in with open arms regardless! CrossFit can mean many things to many people – for some its just exercise, for others its a sport and for a small number, it constitutes a lifestyle. But, all these groups should always remember that there’s more to life than how you exercise, what sport you play or what your passion is. The most positive thing about CrossFit in my humble opinion is its ability to bring amazing new people into your lives on one hand and on the other hand, how it can also open your eyes to how lucky you are to be alive and have what you already have in your life.

FINAL THOUGHT – Don’t take anything too seriously!!! Enjoy it for what its worth and smile every day!