WOD 12/5/14: “The Caveman”


This one’s dedicated to our resident “Caveman”, AKA Sam Colvin!!! The Caveman has made quite a name for himself since joining CFT, in fact many would consider him to be our resident “funny man” (incidentally he is actually writing stand up comedy and has promised us a rendition)! His brute strength has become legendary and while his technique sometimes lacks a little “finesse”, he more than makes up for it with paleolithic power!!! Many witnessed an 80kg Snatch PR that almost turned into an 80kg pass-through, but the Caveman locked in his shoulders and completed the rep!!! Our favourite neanderthal has embraced his nickname so much that he even eats like our ancestors relentlessly, even going so far as to rarely put his food away after he’s finished (I walked past his car the other weekend to find a day’s worth of food stowed away in the front seat)!!! Seriously, this dude is an absolute legend and CFT wouldn’t be the same without him! We love having our very own caveman around the box! PS, this WOD’s 8 minutes long as your always 8 minutes late for class!!!

Part A:
Back Squats 1 & 1/2’s
3 x 3 @ 80-85% 1RM

Part B:
Strict Pull Ups
3 x 5

Part C:
“The Caveman”
8 min AMRAP of:
8 x Snatch 50/30
10 x Burpees
12 x Double Unders