WOD 19/5/14: “Jake AKA Blocker #2!”


Jake throwing down at the Pairs Comp last weekend!!!

This one is for Jake, often thought of as one of our resident “pocket rockets!” Jake is the perfect build for CrossFit and this has become apparent as he has developed into quite an athlete over the last few months! Having been a triathlete in a previous life, Jake has no qualms with longer WOD’s, but he does have one very defining characteristic – his inability to keep the contents of his stomach down!!! Jake loves a good post (or occasionally during) WOD chuck and this has garnered one of his many nicknames, “Chunky”! Talking of nicknames, Jake and his partner in crime, The Caveman, are also known as the Blockers after a particularly unfortunate incident during one of our early morning classes – I’ll leave the rest to your imagination!!! Jake is an absolute legend, a top bloke and a kick ass athlete! We love having you at the box mate, hope you enjoy your workout!

Part A:
Back Squat
4 x 4 @ 85-90% 1RM

Part B:
4 x 8

Part C:
“Jake AKA Blocker #2”
11 min AMRAP of:
8 x KB Swings 24/16
10 x Push Ups
12 x Goblet Lunges 24/16
14 x Sit Ups