WOD 21/4/14: “Amanda v2.0”


Today’s WOD is dedicated to our very own Amanda (we had to call the WOD, “Amanda v2.0” as there is already a Benchmark WOD named “Amanda”!!!). Since joining a couple of months ago, Amanda has firmly established herself as one of the hardest working and most dedicated members at CFT. Amanda is a dream to coach – she listens to every bit of advice she’s given, never complains and if she can’t do something at first, she’ll spend every free minute she has practicing that skill until she nails it! Her attitude is so good that she can often be found still at the box working on skills having just finished a gruelling class! One of the best moments of the Open at CFT was during Week 1 when Amanda, having never undertaken Double Unders previously, managed to complete the first round of them by the end of 14.1. Not content with this awesome achievement, Amanda spent the rest of the evening practicing her Double Unders, then came back the next day and smashed her previous score! Amanda truly exemplifies everything that we want in a member at CFT and that’s why this WOD is dedicated to her!

Part A:
Back Squat
5 x 3 @ 85-90% 1RM

Part B:
4 @ 60% 1RM
4 @ 70% 1RM
4 @ 80% 1RM
3 @ 85% 1RM
4 @ 80% 1RM
2 @ 85% 1RM

Part C:
“Amanda v2.0”
6 min AMRAP of:
5 x Power Cleans 50/35
20 x Double Unders
5 x Shoulder to Overhead 50/35