WOD 24/3/14: “Frank The Tank!”


Another celebration of the awesome people that contribute to making CrossFit Turmoil such a wonderful community of like-minded individuals – today’s WOD is in honour of our assistant coach, Frank Agresta! Frank does a fantastic job running our 10am classes during the week and has become a hugely popular figure around the box! He’s not only an excellent coach, but an outstanding athlete too and he stands to make some big moves in Australian CrossFit over the next couple of years! One of the nicest, most helpful blokes you’re ever likely to meet and we’re very proud of how well you are doing Frankie! This one’s for you mate, hope you like it!

Part A:
EMOM for 5 mins: 10 x unbroken Shoulder to Overhead

Part B:
Back Squat
4 x 5 @10X1

Part C:
“Frank The Tank!”
Buy In: 1 min Plank
Then, 7 min AMRAP of:
5 x Pull Ups
5 x Thrusters 50/35
50 metre Farmers Walk 24/16