WOD 2/6/14: “Jenna – Gosh Dang It!”


This weeks workout is dedicated to our newest member of the month and our resident Yank, Jenna Lenich!!! Jenna has fast established herself as a truly legendary member at CFT and an absolutely kick-ass athlete too! In fact, Jenna and Loz recently took out the runners up spot at the Charge vs Turmoil Pairs Throwdown! Jenna is renonwed for her authentic American catchphrases and can often be heard screaming “Gosh dang it!” when missing a lift as opposed to the usual stream of obscenities coming from our Aussie members!!! A regular member of the 6am crew, Jenna will always greet the class with a “How y’all doing?”, although this is usually after everyone else has finished their warm up run!!! She’s a bit of a gymnastics connoisseur and probably has the best handstand walking technique, boy or girl, in any CrossFit box in Melbourne!!! An awesome chick and always great fun to have around CFT, we hope you love your workout Jenna! Yee Ha!

Part A:
Back Squat
20 mins to find a 2RM

Part B:
Push Ups
Complete 3 sets of max reps

Part C:
“Jenna – Gosh Dang It!”
8 min AMRAP of:
5 x C2B Pull Ups
5 x Shoulder to Overhead 60/40
5 x T2B