WOD 29/7/14: “Sam Steel – The Workout!”


Sam Steel in short. Loves Oly lifting. Can snatch and clean & jerk shitloads of weight. Hates any met con over 3 minutes! Asking him to run is usually met with anger! Burpees like a deranged camel. Loves short shorts, tight pants and muscle singlets! Laughs prior to finishing stories! Seeks clarification on…well, everything (ie, when we play a match, does that mean there will be another team?). Thinks he can speak Russian (and maybe sign language?!!!)! Rates burgers on a scale of 1 to 10. Can eat two pub meals consecutively in the space of 20 minutes. Also known as “Manov”! Overall, he’s a bloody legend and a kick ass coach. (Plus he has Regionals athlete written all over him when he develops some lungs!!!)

Part A:
Sumo Deadlift High Pull
4 x 6 AHAP

Part B:
Forward Leaning Rest on Rings
4 x 30-60 secs

Part C:
“Sam Steel – The Workout!”
3 min AMRAP of:
3 x Shoulder to Overhead 60/40
100m Run

Rest 30 secs

2 min AMRAP of:
4 x KB Swings 24/16
4 x T2B

Rest 30 secs

1 min AMRAP of:
Squat Cleans 60/40