WOD 29/9/14: Tyson & Tyson’s Beard!

tyson beard

This week’s member’s WOD is dedicated to a long serving member in Tyson and his beard, who has also been part of the box for not quite as long as Tyson himself! Tyson’s beard has taken on a life of its own – in fact it now appears that beards are growing upon beards in that garden of manliness! The photo above from July doesn’t do the beard’s current state justice and it has become a point of jealousy for many of the less manly males in the box – it could even be described as an outbreak of mass beard envy! Many beards have taken their rightful place in the box, but none can honestly claim to compete with Tyson’s!!!

In all seriousness though, Tys is a top bloke aside from his top beard! He’s a quiet achiever, a dedicated workhorse and an extremely good oly lifter! On that note, I’ve decided to make his WOD very Oly-dominant – not without a splash of out and out nasty traditional CrossFit thrown in for good measure though! Enjoy mate!

Part A:
Overhead Squats
25 mins to find a 3RM

Part B:
“Tyson & Tyson’s Beard!”
5 min AMRAP of:
Clean & Jerk 60/40


3 min AMRAP of: