WOD 31/3/14: “The Engine”


This week, we honour another CFT original in Lu “The Engine” Bowman. Lu was one of the first members at CFT and has seen the box grow fronm the days of sharing with a martial arts dojo to the awesome community that we now have. Lu has been a major part of building that community – she is always one of the first members to introduce herself to a new visitor at the box and alongside Mama Turmoil (Deni), she’s developing into the social secretary for CFT!!! Not only is Lu one of the loveliest people you’d be lucky enough to meet, she’s also a kick-ass athlete! Lu recently competed in the NC Fitness Open as part of Team Turmoil and she is affectionately known as “The Engine” due to her second-to-none work capacity and unbelievable determination to finish every WOD as fast as possible! Lu, you are a legitimate CFT legend and we hope you love your workout!

Part A:
5 min AMRAP @ 75% ME: In pairs, ome partner hangs from a pull up bar while the other completes 10 x push ups. Alternate for 5 mins.

Part B:
Back Squat @10X1
3 x 3

Part C:
“The Engine”
For Time, complete:
400m Run
10 x Shoulder to Overhead 50/35
10 x Pull Ups
8 x Shoulder to Overhead
8 x Pull Ups
6 x Shoulder to Overhead
6 x Pull Ups
4 x Shoulder to Overhead
4 x Pull Ups
2 x Shoulder to Overhead
2 x Pull Ups
400m Run