WOD 31/5/14: “The Vikings!”


Today’s workout is dedicated to our awesome Swedes, Maggie & Marcus!!! Sadly, these two Viking warriors are leaving our shores to go back to Sweden. They have very quickly integrated themselves into the box and are firmly established as two of our most popular members. In addition to that, they are both kick ass athletes – Maggie is one of the fastest developing female athletes I’ve seen for a long time and Markus is just a straight up war machine!!! We love our Vikings and you’ll always be welcome here at CrossFit Turmoil every time your in Oz!

Part A:
Power Snatch
20 mins to find a 3RM

Part B:
Hollow Rocks
3 x 25

Part C:
“The Vikings!”
9-15-21 For Time of:
Power Snatch 50/30
KB Push Ups