CrossFit Turmoil Timetable
– Class divided up into two parts: a strength component and a conditioning piece (WOD). Tiered with 3 levels of programming: Fitness, Performance and Competition.

NWC – Class focusing on the two Olympic Lifts: The Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

Open Gym – Time for members of our CrossFit & Weightlifting Club to complete their individualized program and/or practice extra skills.

Endurance WOD – Class focused on longer time framed workouts aimed at building aerobic capacity (endurance). Like our CrossFit classes this class is tiered with three levels of programming.

Free Intro Class – Class designed for any fitness level to attend and get a feel for what CrossFit is about. In this class we go through a strength component and conditioning piece and learn how to modify any workout to suit your fitness level.