Getting Started


Step 1: Free 1 to 1 Consultation Session

You can book your free consultation session online or contact us to let us know you’d like to start the process of becoming a CrossFit Turmoil member. Following this you will attend a scheduled 1 to 1 appointment with a member of our coaching staff for free.. This is a session in which we evaluate three major components in a very relaxed manner – goals, movement and performance.

This session gives us an opportunity to learn more about your health and exercise background and to start to understand what is driving you to make a change in your exercise routine. This is a hugely important part of the process as it allows us to individualise our approach to helping each new member reach their full potential.

Step 2: CrossFit Fundamentals Program 

After attending your first session, you will then be enrolled in our  CrossFit Fundamentals Program. This program consists of 4 mandatory one to one sessions, each 60 minutes in duration, that must be attended prior to starting to attend CrossFit classes.

These sessions are very in depth and will be used to firmly develop the skills that underpin the majority of movements used in CrossFit. They will also teach you the CrossFit terminology, how to scale your workouts and how to use recovery methods to help improve your performance. Throughout this process, you and your Coach will also develop a deeper understanding of the goals that you have set yourself and why you are drawn to starting a CrossFit program. Regardless of your previous athletic ability, you will gain a huge amount from undertaking these classes and ultimately will be properly prepared for undertaking CrossFit classes. Our coaches are hugely experienced and knowledgeable so use this as an opportunity to ask them as many questions as possible!

The cost of the 4 classes undertaken privately is $99.

Step 3: CrossFit Classes

After completing the Fundamentals Program , you are ready to step into the timetabled CrossFit classes. Although if you are an experienced CrossFitter and feel competent with the foundational movements learnt in the fundamentals and are ready to JOIN NOW, then contact us to arrange a 45 minute consultation with a Coach so that we can evaluate your readiness for our program.