WOD 27/11/14: “Nathan!”


This WOD is dedicated to the younger of the Godino brothers, Nathan! Sadly, Nath is taking some time out to focus on his studies so won’t be at the box for a while but he’s always welcome to come down and try to beat his big brother in a met con! He’s a very talented young athlete and I’m sure we’ll see him coming back strong in the future! It’s been a pleasure having you at the box Nath and we hope to see you again very soon!

Part A:
Back Squat
5 @ 50% of 90% 1RM
3 @ 60% of 90% 1RM
1 @ 70% of 90% 1RM
AMRAP @ 75% of 90% 1RM

Part B:
4 x 2 per arm

Part C:
5 Rounds For Time of:
100m Run
15 x KB Swings 24/16
20 x OH Plate Lunges 20/10